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Hi everyone, i'm sorry for the very long absence away from Blogger! I've been rather busy lately with my other webpage ^.^;;
However! We are back and we are reareing to go!
So please dont abandon us, we will be back and blogging anime and manga very soon =3
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Tokyo Mew Mew episode 12


Tokyo mew mew, Episode 12 -"Identity Revealed, An out of season Cherry tree falls away.

Now that the Mew Mew's have finely convinced Zakuro to join the team, the story line of Tokyo Mew Mew has finally picked up. This episode was mainly filled with the Mew Mew's finding out what lies in store for them, with a close call to the destrution of the earth and possibly Ichigos secret identity revealed!
This episodes starts with ichigos dream, or possibly a nightmare depending on which way you look at it :3 Her dream shows Ayama-Kun finding out she really is The Strawberry Mew Mew! She is awaken from this dream by a sharp bat on the head from her teacher with a book. Apparently she was screaming and yelling in her sleep.
Later in the dining hall Ichigos mood picks up, its seems everyone around school is talking about the Tokyo mew mews! She even over hears of the " Pink cat mew mew fan club!" How could someone not smirk about there own fan club!?
But thinking about how she let the mew mews secret go world wide I don't blame her for calling herself a baka =x

Though all hope springs eternal, after school just when she begins to think of how she hasn't seen Ayama-kun for awhile, he pops up! Right behind her. Freaky if i do say so myself =x And what's better he takes her with him on his park expedition, w00t for Ichigo! Could this possibly be seen as a date?
When they arrive at the park they head straight to a cherry blossom tree, wait a blossom tree in June? Something must be up =x
Ayama tells her about the vast experiments and research done on the tree and how the one Cicada in the tree continues to call for his mate, although he knows there's no one else there he still calls for her. Could out dear Ayama-kun be hinting towards her about something!? We'll have to see. As if Ichigo wasn't happy enough he then proclaims he's hers!.. For the rest of the day :3 How could ichigo not smirk at this?

From here the episode begin to pick up, Ryo calls all the mews together in the lab under the Cafe.
He explains to them what is really instore for them /'o.o'\;;;;
He tells them, " The world is under threat, the aliens will stop at nothing to reform the earth to there own advantages. With the "Wired data" that has been collected, the mew mews are the worlds last defense. Created with the red cells of five endangered animals, they are the only power that can fight against the aliens and there " Carima animas"
Then BAM, we go all flashy lights and buttons the aliens strike again! The Mew Mew force must get to work :)
The aliens have morphed 5 of the trees in Tokyo's central park, if the mew mews don't destroy these threes, all the oxygen in Tokyo will be destroyed and in turn Tokyo will be wiped off the globe ^_^
Meanwhile, who should happen to be at the park but our dear Ayama-kun! Kishu comes across him while he was taking leaf samples and so in a jelouse rage knocks him out =x Evil kishu evil!!
After a quick transformation the mew mews are on the scene, Ichigo is appointed the Cherry tree, as she knew where it was =x Though of coarse as we know Kishu is responsible and takes great delight in Suprising his dear kitty love by popping out of know where in front of her =x ( How do they do that?)
Though as the oxygen in the area decrease, so does Ichigos stamina. Determined to kill his little kitty, Kishu attacks Ichigo making her weaker and weaker. However in one ditch attempt to get passed Kishu she dives at him managing to swipe him across the cheek! (SHOCK HORROR!)

Kishu, apparently unaware of what just happens lets ichigo slip pass, though however by this time the oxygen levels are becoming lower and lower and so Ichigo becomes weaker and weaker.
Then out of nowhere we have more flashing lights! This time the lights of the other mew mews. Each one struggling for life to destroy the trees. But if one mew mew is late and does not attack on time the others are doomed for.
Despite the fact she is slowly dyeing Ichigo, feeling the struggle of the other mews takes the last of her energy and fire her strawberry Ribbon Check into the tree.
Kishu releasing what's going on calls for his Kitty to stop, Telling her if she does this she will die!
Does this mean Kishu really does have feelings for our Strawberry Neko? He watches in disbelief as all the mew mews power joins forces causing a rather colorful explosion, thus wiped[ing out all the infected trees.
As Ichigo falls to the ground, weak and shaky, kishu, diapearse vowing to come back for his Kitten.
Finding the last of her strength Ichigo gets up and moves towards the tree, placing one slightly ripped gloved hand on the trunk, apologizes and sees old Mr. Cicada sitting on the roots =x
"ichigo?" Oh no Ayama-kun is awake! Ichigo swivels round and faces Ayama-Kun a complete look of horror across her face.
Has Ayama-Kun found out The Strawberry Mew Mew is Ichigo???!!!
We'll have to find out in episode 13 =x

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